Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate 1 Prince Valentine Umeh Close Ago Palace Way Location Lagos

Olasilver Medicals Lagos

Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate is one of the most comprehensive medical and health centers in Lagos Nigeria. Located in Prince Valentine Umeh Close Ago Palace Way, the hospital clinic offers a wide range of expert medical services and treatments for people of all ages. Patients have access to the highest levels of care with full-service medical departments for specialized treatments like cardiology, gynecology and pediatrics.

On which days is Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate Operational?

The Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate operates daily, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. The convenient hours were formulated with the needs of patients in mind – allowing individuals to receive quality medical treatment even after their work day is over. On Saturdays and Sundays, hours are available by appointment only.

What kind of services does Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate offer?

At Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate, a wide variety of medical services are offered including general health care, primary care, pediatric care, women’s healthcare services as well as preventative care screenings. The highly-qualified team also provides Cardiac Testing & Services that include echocardiograms (if needed). To make sure you get the best possible treatment for your specific issue or condition they use state-of-the-art equipment provided by their many partners and affiliates.

How can I reach Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate?
Olasilver Medicals Greenfield Estate can be reached at 1 Prince Valentine Umeh Close Ago Palace Way Location Lagos Nigeria or via phone numbers listed on their website. Additionally, they provide online appointments for patients who cannot reach them physically. Furthermore patients can also call their hotline number (+234 99 888 999) if they find it difficult to contact them directly or simply want some additional information on how they could benefit from their excellent offerings.

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