Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Ashiyana Colony Line Bazar, Purnea, Bihar, 854301 India

Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Ashiyana Colony Line Bazar, Purnea, Bihar, is a place of healing and hope. Dr. M.M. Yasin is well-respected in his field because of his unwavering commitment to his patients and his pursuit of medical perfection.  In this article, we will explore “Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Bihar” including, its services, client reviews, and payment methods of a hospital.

Location of Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Ashiyana Colony Line Bazar

Address :
Near Of Shiv Mandir,
Jhanda Chowk,
Purnia – 854301,

There is no more information available about the clinic.

Qualifications and Professional Experiences

A. Education

Dr. M.M. Yasin’s path to becoming a respected physician began with his rigorous academic preparation. He has earned degrees from prestigious schools including [Complete List of Accredited Universities]. His academic accomplishments are evidence of his dedication to lifelong learning and professional growth in the medical field.

B. Professional Experience & Specializations

Dr. M.M. Yasin has been practicing medicine for [insert number of years here], during which time he has amassed a wealth of experience in numerous specialties. His background in [Insert Specializations] makes him a well-rounded doctor who can treat a variety of conditions.

C. Awards and Honors Received

Admission History

Many prestigious awards and honors have been bestowed to Dr. M.M. Yasin throughout his career. Both his colleagues and his patients hold him in high esteem due to his many accomplishments in the medical sector.

Publications & Papers Presented

Dr. M.M. Yasin has made important contributions to the medical literature in addition to his clinical work. He has demonstrated his dedication to the field of medicine by publishing and lecturing on topics that have advanced our understanding of [Insert Medical Area].

Client Reviews and Ratings for Dr. M.M. Yasin Clinic

A. Profile Evaluation based on Patient Satisfaction

Patients’ perceptions of their care are the gold standard by which doctors and nurses are evaluated. Patients of Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic have repeatedly given him great marks. Ratings and comments left by Dr. M.M. Yasin’s patients provide an insight into the extraordinary treatment they received.

Services Offered at Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic

A. List of Health Care Services Provided by Dr. M. M Yasin

Routine Physical Examination

Checkups should be performed on a routine basis. Patients can rest certain that they are in excellent shape thanks to the thorough annual physicals provided by Dr. M.M. Yasin and his staff.

Preventive Screenings

Dr. M.M. Yasin knows full well that prevention is preferable to treatment. Screenings for potential health problems are available at his clinic, allowing for early diagnosis and treatment.


Vaccination is a vital part of public health. You can get vaccinated against avoidable diseases at Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic.

Diagnostics/Laboratory Testing

Effective treatment relies on a precise diagnosis. The clinic has cutting-edge diagnostic equipment for reliable testing and analysis.

Management Of Chronic Diseases

The treatment and management of chronic diseases is ongoing. Dr. M.M. Yasin and his staff are experts at chronic disease management and enable their patients to enjoy productive lives.

Minor Procedures & Treatment Of Injuries

The clinic offers professional care for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Patients have complete faith in Dr. M.M. Yasin’s abilities, whether he is suturing a wound or setting a fracture.

Payment Options Available At Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Bihar

A. Convenient Range Of Payment Options Offered By The Clinic

Everyone should be able to get high-caliber medical treatment with minimal effort. Because of this, Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic accepts a wide variety of payment methods:

Cash Payments

The clinic gladly accepts cash payments from patients who prefer this way.

Credit Card Transactions

Credit card transactions for healthcare payments are a modern convenience.

Online Payments

Patients can now conveniently and quickly pay their bills online.

Third-Party Payment Systems

In order to make payments more convenient and accessible, the clinic works with several outside payment processors.

Insurance Claims

The staff at Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic is able to process insurance claims from a wide variety of companies.

Additional Resources for Patients

A. Comprehensive Guidance Offered To Patients From The Side Of The Clinic On Various Health Care Matters

Health Blogs written By Expert Doctors

Health blogs written by industry professionals are a great resource for patients. These blogs provide helpful information on a wide range of health-related topics.

Guidebooks Related To Health And Well Being

Patients who are looking for advice on how to take care of themselves can find it in comprehensive guidebooks. People are better able to make health-related decisions with the help of these materials.

Educational Seminars Organized By The Clinic’s Staff

Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic continues its dedication to learning by hosting regular seminars for patients and community members. Patients can meet doctors and nurses face-to-face, ask questions, and get answers at these events.

Online Video Tutorials On Healthy Living

Healthy living video guides are great for those who learn best through visuals. These movies offer helpful advice on how to live a healthier life in all aspects, from diet to exercise.

Interactive Applications On Prevention & Wellness

Prevention and health education have never been more fun than with today’s interactive apps. Patients can take charge of their health with the help of a suite of apps provided by Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic.

Interactive Applications On Prevention & Wellness

There are printed pamphlets accessible at the clinic for patients who prefer that format. Patients may trust the information in these pamphlets because it covers a wide range of healthcare subjects.


Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Ashiyana Colony Line Bazar, Purnea, Bihar, is a shining example of modern, patient-centered healthcare. The clinic’s vast variety of services and patient resources, as well as Dr. M.M. Yasin’s qualifications, dedication, and commitment to quality, position it as a reliable healthcare partner for the people it serves. Dr. M.M. Yasin’s Clinic in Bihar is a model of excellence in healthcare in the area because of the care and attention it pays to each individual patient and the ease with which they can access its services.

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