Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate, 39 19th Street, Effurun 330102, Warri, Delta, Nigeria

The provision of affordable, high-quality healthcare delivered with empathy should be a top priority. The Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate is a haven of health and positivity in the middle of bustling Warri, Nigeria. This article guides you through the steps necessary to gain access to treatment at this prestigious healthcare facility by covering its history, services, facilities, and more.

History of the Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate

Warri, Nigeria’s healthcare system has developed in tandem with Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate.

The clinic has grown in stature and reputation over the years, becoming a beacon of reliability and high quality care. It started off as a small clinic, but now it’s developed into a full-service hospital where people can go to get the care they need.

Research on Coastal Specialist Clinics in Warri, Nigeria

Warri is a bustling city in the Delta State of Nigeria and is home to multiple hospitals. Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate has become an industry leader among these. Numerous scientific studies and patient testimonies back up the company’s claim to fame as a top healthcare provider.

The influence of the clinic on public health, in illness prevention, and in medical innovation has been examined extensively. These reports highlight the clinic’s dedication to quality care and its leadership in the field.

Location of Coastal Specialist Clinic

  • Address: Bendel Estate, 39 19th Street, Effurun 330102, Warri, Delta, Nigeria
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +234 906 904 4390

Services Provided by the Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate

Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate is successful because it offers a wide variety of medical services to meet the needs of its patients. Explore its many features together.

A. Types of Medical Care Offered

The clinic is proud of the wide range of medical services it provides, which cover but are not limited to the following:

  • Primary care is what Coastal Specialist Clinic specializes in, therefore they’re the ones you go to for things like checkups, immunizations, and dealing with ongoing health issues.
  • Consultations with Specialists Patients can see doctors who specialize in areas including cardiology, orthopedics, obstetrics, and pediatrics to receive specialized attention.
  • Services for Diagnosis High-quality diagnostic resources, including radiology, pathology, and cutting-edge imaging technology, are available.
  • The clinic’s state-of-the-art operating room is home to a team of highly trained surgeons who undertake anything from routine procedures to emergency surgery and sophisticated treatments.
  • Care in a Time of Need: Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate is open around the clock to accommodate patients in need of immediate medical attention.

B. Staff Involved in Providing Care

The quality of a hospital or clinic depends on the caliber of its medical staff. This also applies to the Coastal Specialist Clinic in Bendel Estate. The clinic has a devoted team of medical experts on staff, including:

  • Primary care and referrals to specialists are provided by highly trained and experienced medical professionals.
  • Caring and knowledgeable nurses play a crucial role in patient care by offering emotional support and medical care.
  • The surgical staff at this clinic includes highly trained professionals with extensive experience in a wide range of surgical specialties.
  • Accurate and prompt diagnosis is guaranteed by radiologists, pathologists, and other specialists in the field of diagnostics.
  • From the receptionists to the handymen, every member of the clinic’s staff is essential to its smooth functioning.

Facilities at the Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate

The healthcare facility’s physical infrastructure is crucial to providing high-quality treatment. Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate has made substantial renovations to create a state-of-the-art, patient-centered facility.

A. Physical Infrastructure of the Location

  • The clinic’s architectural design prioritizes the safety and convenience of its patients. The facility has large waiting areas, brightly illuminated consultation rooms, and cutting-edge medical technology.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The Coastal Specialist Clinic has state-of-the-art medical equipment to guarantee precise diagnosis and successful therapies.
  • In-Patient Accommodations The clinic provides spacious, clean, and pleasant in-patient accommodation.
  • With quick access to their prescribed drugs, patients can quickly begin their treatment thanks to the convenience of an on-site pharmacy.

B. Recently Developed Services Available at the Site

The Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate has recently implemented a number of new services aimed at improving patient care as part of its dedication to continual improvement.

  • The clinic has realized the value of telemedicine by providing patients with the option to consult with doctors remotely while remaining in the convenience of their own homes.
  • Patients are given the tools they need to take charge of their own health through participation in ongoing health education programs and workshops.
  • The clinic emphasizes preventative care by offering wellness programs to its patients and the surrounding community.
  • Medical camps and other healthcare services are provided to underserved communities as part of Coastal Specialist Clinic’s community outreach initiatives.

Accessing Treatment at Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate, Warri, Nigeria

Patient and family convenience is prioritized at Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate, thus getting medical care there is easy.

A. How to Book an Appointment and Check-in Upon Arrival

  • Scheduling a Visit : Appointments can be scheduled over the phone, online, or even in person at the clinic for patients. In many instances, appointments for urgent matters can be made on the same day.
  • Patients who have registered with the clinic can use a patient portal to do things like request appointments, view their medical history, and get in touch with the medical staff.
  • Methods of Checking In: When patients arrive at the clinic, they are met by helpful receptionists who direct them through the check-in process.

B. Options for Transportation to Reach the Site

With its central location in Warri, Nigeria, Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate serves both locals and tourists. Several modes of transportation are available to patients:

  • Patients who drive themselves to the clinic will find plenty of parking spaces available.
  • The clinic is conveniently located near bus stops and taxi stands, so getting there is a breeze.
    Popular ridesharing services are available in Warri, so you may go to the doctor’s office quickly and easily.
  • The clinic may provide a shuttle service for patients who need help getting to and from their appointments.


Finally, the Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate in Nigeria’s Warri is an example of cutting-edge medical treatment at its finest. The combination of its long history, wide range of offerings, cutting-edge infrastructure, and focus on the individual patient makes it an indispensable resource for local healthcare.

Coastal Specialist Clinic is dedicated to providing excellent service while welcoming change as the healthcare industry develops. Its commitment to its patients has made it a symbol of positivity in Warri, giving people who are struggling access to the help they need. Coastal Specialist Clinic Bendel Estate is a thriving institution that has improved the health and well-being of innumerable locals over the years.

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