Goodfriend Medical Center: Rumuepirikom Iwofe Rd, Location, Port Harcourt

The Goodfriend Medical Center in Nigeria’s bustling Port Harcourt is a haven for anyone in need of first-rate medical care. This facility, which was founded on the principle of offering world-class medical service, has quickly gained the respect of patients from all over the world.

Location of Goodfriend Medical Center

The Goodfriend Medical Center is conveniently located on Rumuepirikom Iwofe Road for all of Port Harcourt’s residents and guests. Patients can get to the center with no trouble because to its strategic placement, making it a top pick for health treatment in the area.

  • Address: RW7X+H73, Rumuepirikom/Iwofe Rd, 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 8 pm
  • Phone: +234 803 872 0645

Services Offered by Goodfriend Medical Center

Here is the Services Offered by Goodfriend Medical Center:-

A. Outpatient Care

The outpatient care services of Goodfriend Medical Center are extensive and cover a wide variety of conditions. The center’s outpatient services are geared at providing prompt and effective care, whether you need a basic checkup, vaccines, or treatment for a minor condition.

B. Inpatient Care

The inpatient care facilities of Goodfriend Medical Center are designed with the comfort and safety of the patients in mind. During their stay, patients at the center can count on receiving top-notch care from the kind hands of the institution’s medical professionals.

C. Diagnostic Services (Lab Testing, Radiology Services, Ultrasound, etc.)

Goodfriend Medical Center will not rest till they have found the correct diagnosis for their patients. The facility guarantees that patients receive accurate evaluations to direct their treatment plans with the use of cutting-edge diagnostic services such as advanced laboratory tests, radiography, and ultrasound.

D. Quality Healthcare and Medical Articles to Read for Patients

In addition to offering standard medical care, Goodfriend Medical Center also gives its patients access to helpful learning materials. Patients have easy access to a plethora of medical publications and data, giving them the ability to make educated choices regarding their health.

Professional Team at Goodfriend Medical Center

Here is the information about Professional Team at Goodfriend Medical Center:-

A. Doctors and Nurses Providing Quality Services and Delivering High Standards of Patient-Centered Care

The committed staff at Good friend Medical Center is the facility’s greatest asset. The center is staffed by professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent care to each individual patient.

B. Availability of Specialists According to the Patient’s Needs

Goodfriend Medical Center provides patients with access to a wide variety of specialists since they understand that varied medical situations call for specific skills. Patients can have faith that their requirements in any medical specialty, be it cardiology, orthopedics, or neurology, would be met by specialists in those areas.

Insurance Coverage Available at Goodfriend Medical Clinic in Port Harcourt

When it comes to healthcare, Goodfriend Medical Center appreciates the value of options for payment. The facility is able to serve a wide spectrum of people because it participates with a variety of insurance providers.

Advantages of Seeking Medical Service from Goodfriend Medical Clinic’s Rumuepirikom Iwofe Road Location

There are several benefits to going to Good friend Medical Center for treatment. Some examples are:

Accessibility: Rumuepirikom Iwofe Road’s prominent location in Port Harcourt makes quick access to medical care a given.

Comprehensive Care: Patients can receive complete care from the many different types of medical professionals available at Goodfriend Medical Center.

Quality and Expertise:  The institution is dedicated to providing patients with the finest quality care possible by upholding rigorous standards of medical practice and expertise.

Patient-Centered Approach: Goodfriend Medical Center is distinguished by its patient-centered approach, which encourages patients to be active participants in their own healthcare decision-making.


When you visit the Goodfriend Medical Center on Rumuepirikom Iwofe Road in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, you’ll find more than just a hospital — you’ll find a partner in your quest for better health. This facility is prepared to meet your healthcare needs because of its qualified staff, extensive array of services, and dedication to quality and accessibility. If you want the best for your health, then go to Goodfriend Center.

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