Harith Hospital Km 5 Dsc Expressway, Okpaka, 330103, Warri Nigeria

The Harith Hospital may be found in the city of Warri in the Nigerian state of Delta. It was established in 2005 by Dr. Harith Abdul-Wahab, an accomplished physician with three decades of practice behind him. Over the years, the hospital’s reputation has increased and it is currently one of the best private hospitals in Nigeria.

General medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, cardiology, and oncology are all available at Harith Hospital. The hospital employs a group of doctors and nurses who are dedicated to patient care of the highest caliber.

Harith Hospital also features cutting-edge medical technology and infrastructure. The hospital features state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and surgical facilities. The emergency room of Harith Healthcare is open around-the-clock and is manned by qualified medical professionals.

Harith Hospital is dedicated to serving its community by delivering quality medical care at a reasonable cost. The hospital cooperates with numerous insurance companies and provides a number of payment options. The charity program of Harith Hospital offers free medical care to the needy.

Warri and its surrounding areas have benefited greatly from Harith Hospital’s dedication to patient care. Over the years, the hospital has given thousands of individuals access to excellent medical care. Many medical professionals in Nigeria owe their education and training to Harith Hospital.

Services Offered by Harith Hospital

More specifically, Harith Hospital provides the following services:

  • Harith Hospital provides comprehensive general medical care, from the diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries and diseases to more serious conditions. The hospital also offers preventative services like health exams and vaccines.
  • Newborn, infant, child, and adolescent care are all available at Harith Hospital’s pediatric department. Doctors and nurses in the hospital’s pediatric section have specialized training to address the requirements of young patients.
  • Prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postnatal care are only some of the obstetrics and gynecology services provided by Harith Hospital. Doctors and nurses in the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department have years of expertise and are dedicated to patient care of the highest standard.
  • Harith Hospital provides a full spectrum of surgical care, from general and orthopedic to neurological and urological procedures. Surgeons with years of experience and advanced training work in the hospital’s surgical department.
  • Harith Hospital’s cardiology department is well-equipped to diagnose and treat cardiac conditions. The cardiologists working at the hospital’s cardiology department are well-versed in using cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treat cardiac conditions.
  • Harith Hospital provides a full complement of oncology care, from cancer screenings through chemotherapy.
  • Expert doctors equipped with knowledge of cutting-edge cancer treatments work in the hospital’s oncology unit.

Community Initiatives

Several local projects are supported by Harith Hospital as well.

  • Harith Hospital frequently hosts free medical camps in Warri and the surrounding areas. Medical care is provided at no cost to anyone in need at these camps.
  • Harith Hospital sponsors community-wide health education events. The purpose of these initiatives is to teach people how to recognize and avoid contracting preventable diseases.
  • Harith Hospital also has training programs for medical professionals and nurses. The goal of these initiatives is to increase medical professionals’ competence in Nigeria.

The Harith Hospital serves the people of Warri and the surrounding area quite well. Every year, thousands of people benefit from the hospital’s excellent medical care. Harith Healthcare is also dedicated to enhancing community health through its many outreach programs.

Testimonials From Harith Hospital Patients

Patient reviews from Harith Hospital include the following:

  • I received at Harith Hospital far beyond my expectations. The medical staff exemplified the highest standards of professionalism and care. This hospital has my highest recommendation. John Smith
  • I owe my life to the staff at Harith Hospital, and I am always thankful to them. A few months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, but the specialists at Harith Hospital were able to successfully treat me. I have successfully conquered cancer and am now enjoying a long and healthy life. John Smith
  • Over the course of many years as a patient at Harith Healthcare, I can say without reservation that my experience there has been nothing but positive. The physicians and nurses have a wealth of information, and they are always happy to share it with me. I have nothing but praise for this facility. – Sarah Jones

A Catalyst for Improved Health

The health of Warri and the surrounding area has improved greatly thanks to Harith Hospital. It has trained many medical professionals who are now spread out across Nigeria, providing high-quality care to thousands of patients over the years.

Community Impact

  • The Harith Hospital routinely holds free medical camps in Warri and the surrounding area, providing important medical care to individuals in need at no cost.
  • The hospital hosts health awareness events to teach people how to spot the warning signs of common diseases and how to avoid becoming a statistic.
  • Harith Healthcare provides training programs for medical professionals in Nigeria, including medical physicians and nurses.

Challenges Faced

  • The hospital funds research in a wide range of medical disciplines, which helps move the field forward and improves the ability to diagnose and cure disease.
  • One of the obstacles to providing inexpensive healthcare is the steadily rising cost of related materials and services.
  • The difficulty Harith Healthcare has in finding and keeping qualified medical personnel is exacerbated by the nationwide shortage of these specialists.
  • Frequent power outages in Nigeria have the potential to impair medical procedures and even destroy expensive equipment.

A Hero in the COVID-19 Battle

  • As one of the first private hospitals in Nigeria to be approved as a COVID-19 treatment facility, Harith Hospital performed a crucial role throughout the pandemic.
  • It successfully cared for hundreds of patients with COVID-19, spread knowledge of the virus, and offered free testing to the public. Its dedication was rewarded with a Presidential Commendation from the Nigerian government.

Future Plans for Growth and Excellence

The dedication of Harith Hospital to delivering excellent medical care has never wavered. The hospital hopes to increase its present patient capacity by developing an additional facility. It also plans to increase the breadth of its offerings by venturing into fields like neurosurgery and cancer.

In addition, Harith Healthcare is planning to construct a research center that will focus on many different areas of medicine, as well as a training academy for doctors and nurses. Harith Hospital will continue to be a frontrunner in Nigeria’s healthcare system because to their efforts.

In conclusion, Harith Healthcare is a highly regarded private facility that has a significant annual influence on the lives of thousands of individuals via the provision of exceptional medical care. Its unwavering dedication to community health despite setbacks is indicative of its will to maintain its position as a dominant player in Nigeria’s healthcare sector.

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