Nayandeep Netralaya Bela Rd Bankers Colony Muzaffarpur Bihar 842002 India

Nayandeep Eye Hospital Muzaffarpur

Nayandeep Netralaya is a renowned hospital clinic located in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. It has been providing quality medical services to patients in the area since its establishment. The clinic is well-equipped with advanced medical equipment and skilled staff that specializes in offering comprehensive medical care for all kinds of ailments. The Doctors take special care to ensure that all patients receive the best possible treatment.

Services Offered By Hospital Clinic
Nayandeep Netralaya offers a variety of services to its customers, ranging from basic primary healthcare and preventative health screenings to specialized treatments like orthopaedics, dermatology, gynaecology, etc. Besides this, they also provide other essential services like diagnostics, laboratory tests and radiology as well as occupational therapy for those suffering from chronic conditions or disabilities. In addition to these, the hospital clinic also provides monitoring and referral programs for patients suffering from severe mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety disorders as well as those who require complex treatments such as cancer therapies.

On Which Days Is Nayandeep Hospital Operational?
The Nayandeep Netralaya is operational Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). On Saturdays and Sundays the hospital remains closed so no appointments can be scheduled during these two days.

How To Reach Nayandeep Netralaya?
The easiest way to reach NayandeepNetralaya is by taking a bus or taxi from any part of Muzaffarpur towards Bankers Colony on Bela Road. Once you are there, you will see signs directing you towards the hospital’s location which should not take more than 10 minutes by foot. For those travelling from outside Muzaffarpur’s city limits can get there using private or public transport services like trains or buses till Biharsharif Railway Station which is 13 kilometers away from the clinic. From there they can either hire an auto-rickshaw/taxi or avail local mode of transport to reach Bela Road’s Banker’s colony and follow walking directions thereafter till coming face-to-face with their destination – Nayandeep Netralaya!

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