Nene Dental Centre 3Rd Floor Sahad Stores Building Central Business District Location Abuja

Dental Centre Abuja

Nene Dental Centre is one of the leading hospital clinic locations in Abuja. It offers the best medical services and treatments for patients that are looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Regardless of your individual needs or conditions, this clinic can provide you with the necessary medical care you require in Abuja.

What Kind of Services are Offered at Nene Dental Centre?

Nene Dental Centre provides a comprehensive suite of clinical services to suit the needs of any patient seeking treatment. From family medicine to dentistry and general surgery, patients can expect outstanding attention from experienced doctors and staff at Nene Dental Centre. Additionally, Nene Dental Centre also runs a 24-hour emergency facility so that any urgent medical problem may be adequately treated without delay. Furthermore, specialized clinics are available for clients with specific health conditions such as diabetes or asthma.

When Is Nene Dental Centre Operational?

The Nene Dental Centre is open seven days a week from 8 am till 5 pm for all routine visitations. However, if you need special attention or there’s an emergency situation then their 24 hours availability is always there covering any type of health related issues including foreign bodies stuck inside children’s ear canals and others! In addition to this, they may make custom appointments during public holidays in case there’s an urgent need for special assistance at anytime during the day or night. Any patient looking to reschedule their appointment should do so at least one week prior to ensure ample time is allotted for continued care over the following weeks!

How Can You Reach Nene Dental Centre?
For those who wish to visit the dedicated team at Nene Dental Centre located on 3rd floor of Sahad Stores Building in Central Business District Location Abuja, Nigeria, our friendly counselors will assist them upon arrival without any delays whatsoever! Simply ask out front staff about directions and inquiries related to your intended purpose at this clinic and they will provide you with useful information accordingly! Moreover, our contact number 07706147954 is also available for anyone seeking further assistance when it comes to receiving general consultation services or scheduling appointments with specialists throughout our various departments here! Combined with telemedicine appointments by virtual visits via Zoom on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 1 pm – 3 pm; there’s no doubt that we have got your overall healthcare needs covered comprehensively at this premier healthcare center in Abuja – Nigeria!

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