New Era Hospital Apata Street Location Jos

Era Hospital Jos

About New Era Hospital and Clinic

When it comes to providing top-notch medical services, the New Era Hospital and Clinic in Jos is a leader in the region. Located on Apata Street ,they have both clinical and outpatient care served by their great staff of highly qualified professionals who will provide you with quality care.

At the New Era Hospital and Clinic, you can get tested for any number of ailments, from colds to cancer. They also handle pediatric care, mental health therapy, vision care, physical therapy, wellness programs and much more. Plus their team includes a number of specialists across various departments — from general practitioners to surgeons — dedicated to keeping you healthy in body and mind.

The clinic is open Monday through Saturday from 8am – 5pm for all your healthcare needs. If you need medical assistance afterhours, they have an emergency hotline available (telephone #) or you can visit the nearest emergency room or urgent care center depending on your needs.

Reaching the New Era Hospital and Clinic is easy; just take Apata Street north until you reach Second Gate Stop Junction then make a left onto Ibadan Road then another left onto Apata Street where the hospital is located about 500 meters down on the left side of the road . You can’t miss it! Or if you need any more help just call them at their main line (telephone #).
New Era not only provides excellent healthcare services but are always looking for ways to give back to our community by offering discounts and incentives programs for families that qualify financially disadvantaged households so that everyone can get access to quality healthcare no matter their situation . It’s no wonder why New Era has become one of the top primary choices hospitals in Jos!

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