Newgate Hospital 59 Lagos Shagamu Rd Ikorodu 104101 Location Lagos

Newgate Hospital Ikorodu Lagos

Newgate Hospital has been providing reliable and quality medical care services to its patients since 2005. Dedicated staff members provide an excellent standard of care within the hospital grounds, as well as out-patient services. Newgate Hospital caters to a wide variety of medical needs including cardiac care, dietetics, endocrinology, gynaecology, health screening and urology.

At Newgate Hospital you will find a team of dedicated medical professionals who are devoted to delivering the highest possible standards of healthcare in Lagos. Our goal is to work together towards providing our patients with lasting relief from their ailments and excellent health outcomes. We understand that no two individuals are alike when it comes to their medical needs and requirements and strive to provide tailored services tailored to ezch individual’s unique circumstances and requirements.

Newgate Hospital provides many medical services throughout the week including physical examinations, X-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory tests as well as more specialised treatments such as intracranial surgery or cardiothoracic surgery (CABG). Additionally the hospital offers several health packages for more general healthcare practices such as general health check-ups or paediatric consultations. All out-patient visits can be scheduled at your convenience in order for you to have access to the best possible treatment options.

Newgate Hospital is open on all days from Monday to Saturday with extended hours being available on Mondays and Saturdays until 9 pm Nigerian time . The hospital operates 365 days a year in order offer convenience for all patients both during normal operating hours and emergency cases.

Reaching Newgate Hospital is very easy due its close proximity with salient landmarks such as Palmgrove diagnostic centre and Mainland hospital among others 59 Lagos Shagamu Rd Ikorodu 104101 Location Lagos Nigeria . To reach by car simply enter “Newgate Hospital” into a GPS system or satellite navigation application which will give you directions directly to our door step for hassle free access . For those using public transport there is regular bus service running near by that will ensure minimal disruption getting here with ease .

At Newgate Hospital we understand every person has different needs when it comes healthcare so we make sure everyone gets the personalized attention required without any judgemental opinions from our staff . Our state of art facilities gives us an advantage over other hospitals making sure we can diagnose any problems efficiently while still creating an uplifting atmosphere for all our patrons passing through our doors . If you want quality medical care mixed with a pleasant environment then look no further than Newgate Hospital in Lagos !

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