Newhealth Clinic Domkat Bali Rd 930104 Location Jos

Newhealth Clinic Jos

Newhealth Clinic is a top-tier medical facility in Jos, Nigeria, dedicated to providing the highest quality care and service. With state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in technology, the clinic operates to ensure your health is always at its best.

At NewHealth Clinic, doctors specialize in preventive treatments and diagnostics. You’ll have access to a wide range of services from general checkups to surgery options, all informed by cutting-edge research. From the waiting room to the operating theater, everything has been designed for your comfort—so when it comes time for medical treatment or advice, you get only the best care possible.

NewHealth Clinic is open every day from 9 am – 8 pm –perfect for those times when you need help fast. Plus, you can easily locate us on Domkat Bali Rd 930104 in Jos – right next door to some of the city’s other leading medical institutions.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive healthcare provider with an outstanding team of doctors and nurses – look no further than NewHealth Clinic! Our staff provides attentive care while keeping up with modern advances in medicine, so you’re always assured excellent results each time. Plus, our comforting atmosphere allows our patients put their minds at ease while receiving treatment—which helps them heal more quickly and effectively!

Whether it’s life-saving surgery or just routine checkups that are required—you can rest easy knowing that NewHealth Clinic has all of your needs covered! So come visit us today at Domkat Bali Rd 930104 located minutes away from downtown Jos! We’re here when you need us – ready to provide only the best services available so that your body stays healthy for years to come.

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