Niger Foundation Hospital 5 Presidential Close Independence Layout Location Enugu

Niger Foundation Hospital Enugu

The Niger Foundation Hospital – Delivering Clarity on Medical Care
If you are looking for comprehensive care and quality medical services, the Niger Foundation Hospital in Enugu provides precisely that. Located 5 Presidential Close Independence Layout Enugu Nigeria, this hospital clinic offers an extensive range of treatments and a comfortable environment.

What Services Are Offered by the56 McKay Rd, vibes rdEnugu?
At the Niger Foundation Hospital, patients have access to all the necessary treatments for their unique healthcare needs. Whether you are facing an acute or chronic condition, this hospital clinic offers general medicine and surgery and also specialize in paediatric care, obstetrics & gynaecology and anaesthesia/pain management as well as support services like diagnostic tests such as X-Ray scans or CT scans. All of these treatments are available at the most reasonable prices so that everyone can receive healthcare.

On Which Days Is TheNiger Foundation Hospital Open?
The Niger Foundation Hospital is open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm allowing patients enough time to schedule appointments with their physicians. This clinic also has operating theatres which allow patients to avoid long wait times for elective procedures since surgeries can be booked at convenient times during regular working hours. Moreover, out of office hours telephone lines are kept open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that anyone needing urgent medical attention does not have difficulty getting it even at night or holidays.

How Can I Reach TheNiger Foundation Hospital?
Reaching the Niger Foundation Hospital is easy because it is located close by highway 5 Presidential Close Independence Layout Location Enugu . Alternatively you can take public transport buses that regularly travel from the airport and other parts of town , in addition taxi service is available around-the-clock anyway in case of emergencies patient there will always be ready transport facilities for them . The clinic also has its own car park facility to ease your parking worries while visiting this centre .

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