Nigerian Red Cross Society Location Port Harcourt

Nigerian Red Cross Port Harcourt

Nigerian Red Cross Society, Port Harcourt – Quality Care Delivery and Services
Nigerian Red Cross Society, an iconic hospital clinic in Port Harcourt is a one-stop destination for quality care. Established to provide holistic health services to patients of all ages, the clinic offers comprehensive treatments and interventions for both inpatients and outpatients on a daily basis. From regular checkups to specialized diagnostics, the professional team of medical practitioners caters to all patient needs for quality medical services.

Medical Services Offered by Nigerian Red Cross Society
The dedicated staff at Nigerian Red Cross Society addresses a range of medical conditions from day-to-day illnesses to complex surgical procedures. The medical services offered at the clinic include general medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedics, eye care, internal medicine (including endocrinology and rheumatology), surgery (including ENT and urology) as well as ayurveda consultations. Diagnostic tests such as X-rays and ultrasounds are also available at competitive rates.

On which days is Nigerian Red Cross Society Operational?
The hospital clinic is operational on all days including Sundays and public holidays from 9 AM till 5 PM without any interruption. Patients can be assured of uninterrupted service when seeking optimum care from this renowned healthcare provider in the city.

How to Reach Nigerian Red Cross Hospital Clinic?
Located conveniently near St. Cyprian’s Diocesan Primary School along Airport Road in Port Harcourt, Nigerian Red Cross Hospital Clinic is easily accessible by road or rail transport. For queries or directions regarding how to reach the hospital 343 338 8022 can be contacted or view Google Maps for assistance with specific directions.

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