Nikea Specialist Hospital 4 Nike Dr Gra Location Enugu

Nikea Specialist Hospital Enugu

Nikea Specialist Hospital: All Your Medical Needs In One Place
Are You Looking for Quality Health Care? Nikea Specialist Hospital Is the Answer!
Being sick is never a fun experience. It throws your daily schedule off-balance and can often take away any joy in life. That is why finding decent healthcare to alleviate ailments is vital. The Nikea Specialist Hospital provides quality healthcare services for people of all ages.

Medical Services Offered by Nikea Specialist Hospital
Nikea offers a wide range of medical services, from medicinal treatments to diagnostic procedures. Our integrated diagnostics department offers state-of-the-art facilities such as X-ray, laboratory, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, CT scan and more. We provide personalized consultations with general physicians and specialists like neurologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, etc., for all ailments and preventive health care advice according to your needs. Our well-equipped Therapeutic Unit makes drug delivery easier than ever by providing medications at Competitive rates and quicker time frames than most other medical facilities in Enugu State.

When Is the Nikea Specialist Hospital Open?
The Nikea Specialist Hospital operates Sunday – Saturday from 8am – 5pm with the exception of public holidays which vary depending on the year’s religious events calendar issued by the relevant government agencies in Enugu State.

How to Reach the Nikea Specialist Hospital?
If you are looking for quality healthcare then you should visit us right away! You will find us located on Number 4 Nike Drive GRA Enugu State Nigeria . We also provide ambulance services with state-of-the-art mobile ICUs (Intensive Care Units) that enable patients to get quick treatment without having to spend hours in traffic jams or incurring extra Petroleum costs getting to our facility . For any inquiries about medical services or consultation fees please do not hesitate to call us at 0820493287 or contact 24×7 Customer Lines +2349055683960 .

At Nikea we believe that everyone deserves quality healthcare – so choose us today and benefit from our years of experience in providing great patient care alongside top of line medical facilities!

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