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Nisa Fertility Center Port Harcourt

Nisa Prime Fertility Center: All Your Medical Needs at One Place

Are you looking for a comprehensive hospital clinic that offers medical services for all your health needs in Port Harcourt? Nisa Prime Fertility Center is the answer. Located in Mgbuesilara, the hospital has been providing quality healthcare and patient care for many years. Our team of highly skilled and experienced doctors, nurses, laboratory staff and surgeons are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable stay to every single patient visiting us.

Medical Services Offered by Nisa Prime Fertility Center
At Nisa Prime Fertility Center we strive hard to bring top-notch medical services to all our patients. Right from state-of-the-art diagnostics facilities, medical treatments for various conditions such as Gynaecology, neonatology, radiology , dermatology , cardiology and much more — our team of specialists are here to assess you well and provide with the best medical advice required. Our centre provides world-class medical services that you can rely on.

On Which Days is Nisa Prime Fertility center Operational?
Our hospital clinic remains functional 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday with round-the-clock trained doctors being available each day . This makes it one of the most conveniently accessible hospitals located in Mgbuesilara location offering all sorts of medical treatments right away without any inconvenience whatsoever. Additionally, we also have an emergency service that caters not only to local residents but others coming in from nearby cities as well if needed be during any time of the week or month.

How to Reach Nisa Prime Fertility Center?
Nisa Prime Fertility Center is easily accessible whether you are using public transport or your own vehicle. The complete address of our hospital clinic is : 1 Hospital Drive, Mgbuesilara Village, Port Harcourt . We are easily accessible via both public transports like cabs/taxis as well as private ones like buses or cars being driven directly at our premises for convenience purposes Lastly, consulting with a doctor at Nisa Prime Fertility center does not require advanced booking since walk -ins are readily welcomed keeping safety , hygiene and comfort always paramount .

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