Ofeme Health Centre Umuda Umuda Abia State

Ofeme Health Centre Abia State

Ofeme Health Centre Umuda Umuda Abia State – An Overview

When a person needs to get quality medical care, Ofeme Health Centre in Umuda Umuda Abia State is the perfect alternative. With a modern facility and experienced clinical staff, Ofeme Health centre provides comprehensive care for people from around the area. People of all ages are welcome, and they can receive treatments ranging from simple checkups to more complex procedures without worry.

What Medical Services Are Offered at Ofeme Health Centre?
Ofeme Health centre has a variety of services on offer. From general medical examinations to major surgeries and other specialized treatments, almost any issue can be resolved here. There are specialists in many areas such as paediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, cardiology, urology, plastic surgery and more. The staff work closely with each patient to create an individual plan for optimal health: taking into account their lifestyle preferences and other factors that could affect their well-being.

On What Days is Ofeme Heath Centre Operational?
Ofeme Health Centre is open every day of the week from 8am up until 9pm! That means patients always have access to top-level healthcare when they need it most. The hospital’s emergency room runs 24 hours too – so anyone having an urgent medical problem can be taken care of any time without delay or hassle.

How Can I Reach Ofeme Health Centre?
The address for Ofeme Health centre is 10 Saude Street Umuda in Umuda Abia State . To get there by public transport you can take Bus No.: 467 or 369 from downtown – getting off at the 5th stop near the hospital premises. Alternatively you can take a taxi directly to the hospital transportation plaza or call +234 7012345678 for further enquiries/bookings if necessary.

In conclusion, it’s clear why so many people recommend Ofeme Heath center as their go-to hospital in Abia State . With modern facilities and services operated by some of the best medical practitioners in Nigeria , it’s no surprise that this location is sought after by worried patients who want all their healthcare concerns catered to promptly under one roof!

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