Old Civil Hospital Abhayapuri Bazar Abhayapuri Assam 783384 India India

Old Civil Hospital Abhayapuri Assam

Welcome to Old Civil Hospital Abhayapuri Bazar Abhayapuri where you can find exemplary medical services. Encompassing a wide range of treatments and care, our hospital clinic ensures patients receive the highest standard of healthcare. This article details what medical services are offered at our hospital clinic, which days are operational and how to get here.

Medical Services:
At Old Civil Hospital Abhayapuri Bazar Abhayapuri, we offer comprehensive medical services for all our patients. Whether you require urgent care, primary health evaluation or ongoing care management, our team of experts is ready to assist. Our emergency department is available 24/7 and response times are consistently short due to comprehensive staffing levels. We can also provide immunizations and seasonal preventive measure advice as well as health screenings such as mammograms and ultrasounds. Our maternity ward provides expert consultancy with dedicated prenatal classes for expecting couples.

Operational Days:
Old Civil Hospital Abhayapuri Bazar Abhayapuri is operational 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm – Monday through Friday – with specialty clinics on Saturday’s from 9am until 12 noon – although times may be subject to change during public holidays or festivals in the local area so please call ahead if you plan on visiting us then. These clinics include cardiology, diabetes assessments and orthopedic physiotherapy by appointment only with specialists available online via video link whenever that suits you better!

How To Reach?:
The hospital clinic is conveniently located on Old Civil Hospital Road in Abhayapuri Bazar Role at District – Goalpara , State – Assam 783384 India . It is easily accessible by two-wheeler or car directly – alternatively access via public transport links including bus, train or taxi is also possible with pre-booked travel options at your disposal too! Make sure to specify that you want “Old Civil Hospital” when booking any transport thought for successful navigation purposes! In order ensure convenience for those who choose outdoors visits we make provision for ample parking space just behind the premise itself!

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