Olive Hospital Maternity 119 Okigwe Rd Aba Abia State

Olive Hospital Aba Abia

Olive Hospital Maternity: Get Comprehensive, Quality Care at an Affordable Rate
Olive Hospital Maternity is a hospital clinic located in Aba Abia State Nigeria that offers advanced healthcare services to patients. It provides both specialty and general medical care for women of all ages. The clinic strives to provide comprehensive medical care in a safe and comfortable environment. It has experienced doctors, nursing staff, and a wide range of medical equipment at its disposal.

What Services Does Olive Hospital Maternity Offer?
At Olive Hospital Maternity, we offer comprehensive care that covers most aspects of women’s health. Our specialized services include prenatal and postnatal care, gynecology and obstetric surgical procedures, laparoscopic surgeries, reproductive health diagnostics and treatments such as infertility treatments, menopause management, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), pelvic floor repair or correction procedures, education classes for expecting parents on topics such as birthing options and post-birth recovery plans. We also provide family planning services like birth control methods along with high-quality pharmaceuticals from our ambulatory pharmacy located within the clinic itself. With these many services under one roof we make sure that each patient has access to the best care available.

When Is Olive Hospital Maternity Open?
The clinic is open from Mondays through Saturdays between 8am to 5pm. Appointments are required for most visits; however urgent cases would be attended on priority basis by our emergency team 24×7.

How Can I Reach Olive Hospital Maternity?
The clinic is conveniently located in Okigwe Rd Aba Abia State at 119 Okigwe Rd Aba Abia State Nigeria with ample parking space provided by the hospital itself for our customers’ convenience. For more information or inquiries you can directly contact the hospital through phone at +234 700 111 222or email [email protected]

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