Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital Oluyole Ibadan Oyo State

Oni Memorial Hospital Ibadan

Oni Memorial Children’s Hospital Oluyole Ibadan, Oyo State – Quality Healthcare for All
The Oni Memorial Children’s Hospital in Oluyole Ibadan, Oyo State, offers quality healthcare services to children at any age. The team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive and individualized care for each patient and their families. From preventative care to emergency and pediatric treatments, the physicians are skilled in a wide range of medical services.

Medical Services Offered by Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital
At Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital, patients receive professional care from board-certified pediatricians in all areas of medicine including infectious diseases, injuries, general health and nutrition. The hospital also provides preventive health services like well-child exams and vaccinations that help protect against common childhood diseases. In addition, children’s dental services such as fluoride treatments are available to promote healthy teeth and gums. For patients with specific needs or conditions, the hospital also offers specialty care such as asthma management or behavioral assessments.

When is Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital Open?
Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital is open for business Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm with Saturday hours from 9am-2pm for urgent cases only. During these hours the staff is committed to offering prompt and quality service with caring professionals who understand the unique needs of each patient they treat.

How do I Reach Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital?
Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital can be found at: At 5 Holyfield Road off Samonda Road Iyaganku GRA Ibadan Oyo State .This convenient location makes it easy for parents seeking professional medical attention for their child without having to travel too far out of their way. Patients should contact the main office to make an appointment before visiting the clinic within their allotted time frames.

To sum up, Oni Memorial Childrens Hospital offers a superior level of healthcare designed specifically with young patients in mind. Whether it’s general check-ups or specialist care you need for your child; the experienced team will always make sure your child receives quality treatment every time you visit them!

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