Opti Care Eye Clinic Riz Plaza Plot 54Ken Sariwiwa Stadium Rd Elekahia Location Port Harcourt

Opti Care Eye Clinic Port Harcourt

Opti Care Eye Centre is a medical establishment located in Riz Plaza, Plot 54, Ken Saro Wiwa Stadium Road, Elekahia Location of Port Harcourt. It’s been providing eye care and treatments to individuals across the town since many years in a reliable and cost-efficient way.

Medical Services Offered by Opti Care Eye Clinic
Opti Care provides full eye health services covering eyesight tests and treatments for common and complex vision issues including cataract, glaucoma, dry eyes, squint, allergies etc. It also provides contact lens fitting procedures with necessary consultation & aftercare advice. Moreover, it has expertise in laser eye surgeries that provide freedom from glasses & lenses.

On Which Days Is Opti Care Operational?
The clinic operates six days a week starting from Mondays (8 AM to 3 PM) till Saturdays (8 AM to 1 PM).

How To Reach Opti Care?
To visit the center patients can take public transportation or have their own vehicles. The estimated time taken to reach this place is 17 minutes via Tomalo Rd/Ken Saro Wiwa Roundabout from any part of the Ph city centre.

In conclusion, with years of experience and best practices Opencare Eye clinic offers cutting-edge healthcare services at an affordable rate for citizens of Port Harcourt. It is one of the most preferred clinics in the city due to its professional staff and modern equipments ensuring positive outcomes for all its customers ultimately making every patient’s visits hassle free!

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