Optika Eye Clinic And Optical 9 Bode Thomas St Surulere Location Lagos

Optika Eye Clinic Surulere Lagos

Optika Eye Clinic And Optical is a state-of-the-art hospital clinic located at 9 Bode Thomas St, Surulere Location Lagos. From emergency care to preventive treatments, this hospital clinic serves the needs of the patients with compassionate care. They have an in-house team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who deliver quality healthcare services.

At Optika Eye Clinic And Optical, they offer a wide range of medical services such as primary and minor surgeries, eye check-ups, general health check-ups, antenatal screening tests and treatments for diabetes. They are well known for their expertise in treating glaucoma, cataracts and vision impairments.

The hospital clinic is open all days of the week except Sunday from 8 AM to 10 PM. The hospital has its own strategic preventative measures which help them keep their surgery rooms sterile and clean all the time. Their facilities meet international standards of hygiene and safety when it comes to surgical procedures such as laser eye surgery or artificial lens implantation.

The patients can reach Optika Eye Clinic And Optical easily by either taking public transport or by hiring an auto-rickshaw from anywhere around the premises. It is also nearby popular lodging spots so outstation patients can easily access it without any waiting times.

If you’re looking for excellent medical treatment facilities with patient friendly service then Optika Eye Clinic And Optical should definitely be your go to place!

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