Orienz Specialist Hospital No 9 11 Obikabia Road 453102 Location Aba

Orienz Specialist Hospital Aba

Orienz Specialist Hospital is an advanced, well-equipped and state-of-the-art hospital providing the highest quality of the medical care for its patients. Established with a vision to provide comprehensive health care services, Orienz Specialist Hospital is a multi speciality medical facility offering superior quality healthcare service to meet all the needs of its patients. We strive to set an example when it comes to clinical excellence with our dedicated team committed to delivering world class hospital experience.

Overview Of The Services Offered By Orienz Specialist Hospital
At Orienz Specialist Hospital, we offer a wide range of medical services for our patients. Our services include specialist consultations, diagnostics, laboratory tests, medical procedures and therapies like chemotherapy. We also offer preventive health check-ups and screening packages as well as general wellness treatments such as diet control advice and lifestyle modification programs. Our experienced surgeons are qualified to carry out both traditional open surgical procedures as well as minimally invasive surgeries with advanced technology Diffeomorphic Robotic Surgery System (DRS).

When Is Orienz Specialist Hospital Operational?
At Orienz Specialist Hospital, we are always ready for you! Our units work round the clock on all days of the week including Sunday and public holidays so that you can get doctor’s consultation or receive medical treatments anytime you need it.

How To Reach Orienz Specialist Hospital?
If you would like to visit us at Orienz Specialist Hospital or get consultation from our knowledgeable specialists, just take a drive down Obikabia Road in Aba. Our address is No 9 11 Obikabia Road 453102 Location Aba. For those who wish to make an appointment with us over the phone or online can do so via our website: orianzhospital.com. We also provide 24*7 ambulance service in case of emergencies which can be requested over the phone at +43 872 5411 4920

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