Orons Eye Clinic 87 Ojuelegba Rd Surulere Location Lagos

Orons Eye Clinic Surulere Lagos

Orons Eye Clinic – Providing Quality Treatment and Care!

At Orons Eye Clinic, we are dedicated to providing quality treatment and care for our patients. Our experienced medical staff has been delivering quality healthcare services since 2013. Our goal is to keep you informed on the latest advances in ophthalmology diagnosis and management while adhering to the highest standards of excellence.We maintain a strong commitment to providing affordable eye care for our community by offering comprehensive evaluations, treatments, surgeries, and other procedures with the utmost precision and safety.

What Services Are Offered By Orons Eye Clinic?
We have a wide range of services available at Orons Eye Clinic. Our specialists are trained in all areas of ophthalmology including diagnosis, treatment, surgery, preventative care, low vision rehabilitation, contact lens fitting, and pediatric ophthalmology. Additionally, we also provide emergency services such as headaches or vision loss.

On Which Days Is Orons Eye Clinic Operational?
Orons Eye Clinic is open from Monday through Saturday from 8am–4pm. We offer extended hours on Thursdays until 11:30pm for those who may have difficulty coming during regular office hours. Be sure to call ahead so that we can accommodate your schedule!

How To Reach Orons Eye Clinic?
Orons Eye Clinic is located at 87 Ojuelegba Road Surulere Location Lagos Nigeria. To make an appointment or speak to one of our helpful staff members please feel free to call us at ** ( phone number )** or visit us online at www.( website ).com . You can also request an appointment online via our form on our website 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

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