Osula Royal Hospital 5 Idahosa Lane Ikpoba Hill Nigeria Location Benin City

Osula Royal Hospital Benin City

Osula Royal Hospital is a hospital located in Benin City, Nigeria. This reputable health facility offers a wide variety of quality medical services for both inpatients and outpatients alike. Each dedicated doctor and nurse offers the highest standard of medical care utilizing modern equipments and techniques to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

Medical Services Offered By Osula Royal Hospital

The medical team employed at Osula Royal Hosiptal are board certified doctors with vast experience in their respective specialties. With careful discussion and examination, they provide accurate diagnosis and create unique individualized treatment plans for all conditions ranging from primary care illnesses to complex medical illnesses including cardiovascular, oncology, orthopedics, urology, general surgery and more. As well as offering traditional procedures consultations, laboratory testing, inpatient care – specialist doctors’ appointment are also readily available as per request.

On What Days Is Osula Royal Hospital Operational?

Osula Royal Hosiptal is generally open 7 days a week with opening time starting from 8:00 am early morning with closing time at 7:00 pm evening (Monday-Friday) while on weekend opening time start from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Saturday – Sunday). Appointments can be booked on all operational days online or through calls during office hours.

How To Reach Osula Royal Hospital?

Osola Royal Hosiptal is situated 5 Idahosa Lane near Ikpoba Hill Area which is easily accessible via private car or public transportation systems such as taxi or rickshaws. Specific address of Osola Royal Hosiptal is 5 Idahosa Lane Ikpoba Hill Nigeria Location Benin City along with contact details provided below for your convenience;   

Address: 5 Idahosa Lane Ikpoba Hill Nigeria Location Benin City  
 Phone : +234 7055909061  Fax : +234 81889202716

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