Paragon Clinics And Imaging 96 Stadium Rd Ent Location Port Harcourt

Paragon Clinics Port Harcourt

Paragon Clinics and Imaging is a hospital clinic situated at 96 Stadium Road, Ent Location Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It offers excellent medical services that come with a high level of patient care. One can find a wide range of medical services including diagnosis, laboratory tests, treatments, and even surgeries here.

At Paragon Clinics and Imaging, it opens its doors from Monday to Saturday between 8AM to 5PM with an hour-long break during lunchtime from 01PM to 02PM. The hospital offers emergency services in the morning hours and regular outpatient visits in the afternoon hours. It also provides maxillofacial surgical treatments on Saturdays by appointment only.

To reach the clinic one must first look out for Stadium Road which is located just off of Foreign Loan Avenue after town hall plaza and then find a sidestreet few steps away which leads directly to Paragon Clinic’s building entrance location. It is easily accessible from road transport and also just 10 minutes away from Aba airport if you come via air route. Drivers should drive straight along Stadium Road until they see “Paragon Clinics” signage above the entrance door frame followed by red/white striped ward banner draped across 96 Stadium road indicating exact Point of access Hospital POA .

The friendly staff members at Paragon Clinics have years of experience in providing quality healthcare to patients all around Port Harcourt city and surrounding areas like Ago oyinka, Transimi town , Ohnabogo Village etc making sure all medical needs are well taken care of safely with compassion and consideration. Patients would be immediately attended to upon arrival for comprehensive diagnosis followed by personalized treatment plans with speedy recovery as goal wearing masks guards you against covid 19 . The clinics are equipped with modern CT Scans diagnostic tools , OT gynae operations , micro surgery settings and different kinds medicines while taking necessary precautions caused due coronavirus pandemic scenario.

So if you live anywhere near Port Harcourt Nigeria or passing through via air or car route don’t hesitate in stopping by at room 112 Paragon Clinic’s reception desk opposite Ward B section our vastly experienced team will be delighted help make your stay comfortable while sanitizing you medically fit again .Remember mask up & get checked now !

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