Paroo Phc Hospital Sh74 Paroo Block Paru Khas Bihar 843112 India

Paroo Phc Hospital Bihar

Paroo Phc Hospital – Medical Services & Day-to-Day Operation

Are you looking for the perfect clinic in Bihar to receive medical care services? Paroo Phc Hospital is here to help! Located in Sh74 Paroo Block Paru Khas, this hospital provides a wide range of treatments and services that cater to all types of basic health needs. Whether it’s preventive medicine or diagnostic tests, you can find it all at Paroo Phc Hospital.

Medical Services Offered By Paroo Phc Hospital
At Paroo Phc Hospital, we offer a variety of services such as consultation, physical therapy, laboratory tests and even primary surgical examinations. We also have specialists available for different specialties such as orthopedics, general medicine, cardiology and neurology to name a few. Our team strives to provide quality and comprehensive care for any health issue related to children or adults alike.

On Which Days Is The Paroo Phc Hospital Operational?
Paroo Phc Hospital works round the clock with medical professionals at all times. The hospital is open 24/7 providing free healthcare services without any breaks or holidays within each week. This ensures a swift response towards any medical emergencies or treatments patients may need immediately without delay.

How To Reach The Paroo Phc Hospital
This hospital has been situated conveniently close by several public transport systems like trains and buses making it easier for people to reach this destination in no time at all! Need directions? No worries! All you have to do is enter “Paru Khas Bihar 843112 India” into your GPS and off you go! Alternatively, you can take a taxi or use ride-sharing apps as well if local public transport isn’t available near you.

At the end of the day, our aim is to provide access to quality medical care services at an affordable cost which will benefit both domestic and international patients alike here at Paroo PHC! So come visit us today for any health issues you may have now or in the future!

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