Patherkandi Mg Model Hospital Patharkandi Karimganj 788724 Assam India

Patherkandi Model Hospital Karimganj

About Patherkandi Mg Model Hospital Patharkandi

Located in the scenic district of Karimganj, Assam lies the renowned Patherkandi Mg Model Hospital Patharkandi. It is a hospital that has gained attention from public and private medical institutions owing to its wide range of services. From general healthcare to specialized treatments, this hospital is one-stop for all your health needs.

Health Services offered by Patherkandi Mg Model Hospital Patharkandi

At Patherkandi Mg Model Hospital Patharkandi, healthcare services are provided for all kinds of medical needs – from general care to specialized treatments. The comprehensive list of services includes general surgery, laparoscopic surgeries, ophthalmology, neurology, ENT care, cardiology, endocrinology clinical psychology and more. There are also emergency care centers available round the clock providing 24*7 services in case of any medical emergencies or accidents. Moreover, the hospital staff assists with lab investigations and other diagnostics on site which makes it easy for patients to avail quick treatment.

On which days is Patherkandi Mg Model Hospital Patharkandi operational?
The hospital remains open from Monday to Saturday accommodating patients from 7 am till 6 pm with appointments needed prior arriving for an appointment at the hospital. The OPD services are open until 4 pm and attendance levels tend to be quite high during these hours as most nominations need admission during these hours only. In addition to this all common departments like X-Ray Units and thme Emergency stay open 365 days a year for treating any medical emergency cases arising out of accidents or illnesses anytime of the day along with necessary referrals available round the clock and assistance provided through dedicated helpline number operated by trained counselors who can guide patients if needed regarding their requirements or other inquiries they may have related to availing treatment here at Patherkandi MG Model Hospital Patharkandi .

How do you reach Patherkandi MG Model Hospital Patharkanadi ?
Pather Kandy Town AreaAmbulance Serviceprovide door-to-door service in case you need transport within reasonable costs like car rental etc., however , even if you wanto own vehicle will be no issue since there’s pretty good public transport connectivity , rangingfrom local shared autos/cabs etc..You can directly ask your questions first handon spot right after arrivalat popular places like You’ll see peoplereadyto help out visiting any such place whom youcan ask about what we discussed above beforehand..

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