Patna Haddi Hospital Kankarbagh Road Patna India 800020

Patna Haddi Hospital Kankarbagh

Patna Haddi Hospital is an eminent hospital clinic that provides top-notch medical services to its patients. It takes pride in providing the best care and compassion to its patients, as well as giving them access to world-class healthcare. Patna Haddi Hospital has experienced and expert doctors, nurses, and staff members who are dedicated to treating patients with utmost priority and sensitivity.

Patna Haddi Hospital offers a wide array of services including diagnostics and laboratory testing, primary health check-ups, emergency medical care, immunizations, vaccinations, inpatient care and procedures. Patients often escape from surgery at this hospital clinic as it maintains the highest standards of healthcare with modern equipment and technology.

The hospital clinic is operational on all days of the week from 8am to 9pm. Moreover it stays open all day on Sundays too for emergency cases. It caters to a wide range of diseases covered by general medicine and specific specialties like orthopaedics, ENT (Ear Nose Throat), Neurology etc.

Getting to Patna Haddi Hospital is convenient due to its easily accessible location at Kankarbagh Road in Patna India postal code 800020. It nearby transportation facilities like auto-rickshaws and taxi cabs can make your journey easier if you choose not to drive yourself there.

Though many opt for big hospitals these days due to Patients often escape from surgeries here owing highly qualified teams for emergency cases but Patna Haddi Hospital provides quite a relief both financially & emotionally when you need it the most without compromising on quality of service . That’s why Slogan says “The Ultimate Destination Of Comprehensive Healthcare needs”

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