Paulate Hospital 16 Peak Thomas Bright Cres Alagbado Location Lagos

Paulate Hospital Alagbado Lagos

Introduction To Paulate Hospital
Are you in need of a comprehensive healthcare solution? Look no further than Paulate Hospital, the go-to destination for all your medical needs. Located conveniently at 16 Peak Thomas Bright Cres Alagbado Location Lagos, the hospital provides customers with reliable and top-notch treatments and services to boost their overall health.

Medical Services Offered At Paulate Hospital
Located in a safe environment, Paulate Hospital is equipped with a wide variety of medical equipment and attracting the best doctor’s expertise from across the nation. Besides general treatment and diagnosis services, the hospital also renders non-invasive surgeries, emergency care units, medical laboratories, and physical therapy centers as part of its comprehensive range of healthcare solutions. Additionally, it boasts a competent team of specialized educators to aid patients on preventive measures necessary for their recovery process.

On which Days is Paulate Hospital Operational?
Paulate Hospital operates seven days a week: Mondays to Fridays from 8am–5pm; Saturdays from 8am–2pm; Sundays 9am – 2pm.

How To Reach Paulate Hospital?
Paulate Hospital is conveniently located at 16 Peak Thomas Bright Cres Alagbado Location Lagos. Those who use buses can board any bus heading towards Alagbado Location Lagos, while cars owners can reach via Western Council Rd /Trans– EDAC Freeway – Sango Ota Road – Yayu Jimaz Mile 14 Express Road – Iyana School Bus Stop/Eweka Street – Peak Thomson Bright Cres Bus Stop/Alabata Street. The hospital also provides an ambulance service service available at all times in case there’s an emergency situation that requires immediate medical attention or help getting to their premises promptly .

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