Pearl Dental Care 140 Patliputra Colony Opp Patliputra Post Office Patna India 800013

Pearl Dental Care Patliputra Patna

Pearl Dental Care – Where Quality Medical Services Come Together

Have you been looking for a reliable hospital clinic for your medical needs? Look no further! Pearl Dental Care is one of the most prestigious and sought-after hospital clinics in Patna. They offer a wide variety of medical services, from physician visits to dental care, so you can be sure that they provide everything that your health requires.

What Services Does Pearl Dental Care Offer?
Hu Pearl Dental Care offers quality medical services ranging from general health care to specialized procedures such as surgeries and dental visit. Patients can avail various diagnostic tests like CT scan, MRI and X-rays here as well. Other special services like therapeutic nuclear medicine, bone scans, mammography imaging and ultrasound are also available here. They have all necessary equipment to conduct these tests quickly and accurately so patients don’t have to wait too long to get their results. Apart from all this, they also provide a number of other medical services such as sports medicine, orthopedic surgery and even physical therapy. All in all, the range of services offered by Pearl Dental Care makes it ideal for those who want quality care in Patna.

On Which Days Is Pearl Dental Care Operational?
The doctors at Pearl Dental Care are available six days out of every week starting from Monday until Saturday between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. So there is always a doctor present during the opening hours at the hospital clinic if you ever need any kind of medical help urgently.

How To Reach Pearl Dental Care?
Reaching Pearson Dental Care is very easy because it is located at 140 Patliputra Colony which is opposite the post office Patna India 800013 . You can easily access it by taking a bus or taxi from any part of the city with just a few minutes journey time away from your current location. Once you reach the premises then you have various options such as wheelchairs or slings lifts for entry assistance which makes life easy for those with difficulty walking inside the building without anyone ever having to worry about moving around on his own strength again!

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