Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 India

Phc Bhawan Balrampur Bihar

Introduction-Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 India
Essential Overview of a Hospital Clinic
Hospital Clinics provide more than just a place to receive medical care. They provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to health. They are equipped with full inpatient capabilities, including diagnostics, treatment options, surgery and laboratory services. These services are performed or supervised by experienced, licensed medical professionals and healthcare staff. Hospitals clinics often have specialized units for carrying out various forms of therapies like rehabilitation therapists, speech pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Even psychologists may form part of the right team to treat mental illnesses.
On What Days is Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 Hospital Operational?
The hospital clinic is open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday with the timings starting from 8:00am – 18:00pm respectively except Sundays where it closes an hour earlier at 17:00pm. Furthermore depending on the condition of the patient treatment procedures are also available even during weekends or holidays as well 24/7 when required in more severe cases such as severe trauma injuries or special emergency treatments are necessary in order for the patient to get proper care without further delays.
How To Reach Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 Hospital Clinic?
The best way to reach the Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 Hospital Clinic is via road since it lies very close to a main road with direct access hence making it easy for patients or family members coming in for pain visits or checkups an easy commute driving here without any hassle no matter what time of day it is.. The exact address being “Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 India” reaching here should pose no difficulty whatsoever provided one knows where this particular area is located..As such public transportation may be possible however we advise patients who prefer taking public transport such as buses or trains to contact our dedicated reception staff via telephone beforehand so that they can provide you with further details on how exactly should one reach this destination avoiding any confusion if applicable .
Services Offered By Phc Bhawan Telta Balrampur Bihar 854317 Hospital Clinic?
At The PHC Bahwan Telta Balarmpur Health Facility ,quailtly healthcare services at affordable cost include OPD & IPD Services, Diagnostics lab investigation facility ,Advanced Endoscopy Unit with Facility for Ultrasound scan [USG], Xray (digital) ,TMT (Treadmill Test) Laser TreatmemtEmergency Facilities – ICU including other specific advance specialty consultation & diagnostic services like Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine,. Neurology Orthopedic Surgery Nephrology Forony & Cardiac Care Gynaecology Dermatology Plastic Surgery Eye Care Urology Dental General Medicine Paediatrics Physiotherapy etc .We bask great pride in offering highest level service quality offered by best quialified & most caring Healthcare providers with use of state-of-the-art technology keeping highest standards of hygiene practices which make us stand out amongst competition in healthcare sector Safe affordable accessible Service has always remained our motto leading This Medical facility amongst Best hospital CLinics across Bharat

Conclusion –In short, PHC BHAWANl TELTA BALRAMPUR BHARAT provides comprehensive healthcare services starting from diagnostics till recovery processes for any ailment all operated under supervision skinned qualified doctors and paramedics staying active 7days week proving timely liberation whenever needed providingpatienisnandvisitors immense relief knowing adequate care available in case emergency arises .

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