Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur 842003

Prabhat Tara Hospital

Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur, located in Bihar is a multi-specialty hospital providing quality health care services. It caters to the needs of its patients by delivering most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic expertise.

About Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur:
Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur has been providing comprehensive medical care since year 1983 and it is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities. The hospital focuses on patient centered initiatives, enhanced customer experience, improved access to information, increased employee satisfaction, strategic use of technology and leadership innovation. Our vision is to become a leader in healthcare services in India.

Medical Services Offered By Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur:
Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur provides outstanding healthcare services covering all major specialties including General Medicine, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Cardiology Surgery & Urology. We have a team of highly qualified doctors who are dedicated to provide optimal medical care with attention to individual patient’s needs. The hospital uses cutting edge technology with advanced equipment like Digital X-ray machine, CT scan etc., and provides specialized treatments such as laparoscopic surgeries and neuromodulation therapies that help in correcting underlying neurological diseases or disorders like epilepsy. Our oncology department provides comprehensive cancer care for different cancers using chemotherapy , radiation therapy and targeted therapies. Prabhat Tara also offers 24/7 emergency medical services at the hospital.

On Which Days Is Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur Operational?
Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur operates on all days of the week including weekends and public holidays from 9am to 6pm . The Emergency Department operates round the clock providing specialized medical treatment and critical care for patients in need of immediate medical attention.

How To Reach Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur?
Prabhat Tara Hospital Muzaffarpur can be easily reached by car through National Highway 19 or via train up to Banalikala Halt Railway Station which is about 7km away from the hospital premises . You can also board buses operated by Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) from close by Matha Mandir Bus Stop situated at NH 19 which is just 3kms away from PrabhatTara Hospital.

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