Pranab Optical Nagaon India

Pranab Optical Nagaon

Pranab Optical Nagaon India – Offering Comprehensive Medical Services

Nestled in the heart of Nagaon, Pranab Optical Hospital provides full-scale medical services to its patients from the surrounding areas and beyond. From primary healthcare services like checkups and vaccinations to specialty care, this healthcare facility has become one of the premier health centers in the district.

Medical Services at Pranab Optical Hospital
At Pranab Optical Hospital, our team of experienced professionals provide a variety of quality medical services, ranging from general medicine and obstetrics-gynecology to cardiology and urology. These doctors believe in comprehensive medical care provided in a comfortable environment. In addition to these services, you can also get advice on preventive health measures if needed by our specialists. Patents have access to surgical suites for specialized surgeries as well as imaging facilities like X-Rays and Ultrasound when required.

When Is Pranab Optical Hospital Open?
This hospital is open all week from Monday through Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm, with expert personnel available during these times for patient consultations. Patients should note that emergency care is carried out 24 hours daily throughout each week at Pranab Optical Hospital too.

How To Reach The Pranab Optical Hotel?
People looking to take advantage of these excellent medical services provided onsite at Pranab Optical Hospital can find it located at Daingari Road, Bihichoni Bazaar in Nagaon district in Assam.. This modern building stands tall among other structures marking its presence clearly with adequate parking spaces made available for visitors convenience. Taking public transit is an option if needed as multiple bus stops are found near it too with taxi ranks available on request too.

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