Preetham Hospital Otk Road Near Sri Gurunatha Theatre Thotapalyam Bapuji Nagar Thotapalyam Chittoor Andhra Pradesh 517001 India

Preetham Hospital

Located on Outer Ring Road in Tamil Nadu’s Chittoor district, Preetham Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital catering to the health needs of the community. With top medical professionals, advanced diagnostic solutions, and customized treatments, Preetham Hospital ensures quality healthcare and satisfaction for all its patients. Boasting a wide range of health services from outpatient care to critical care, Preetham Hospital is committed to providing superior medical aid at an affordable cost.

From seasonal ill nesses to chronic diseases and emergency cases, Preetham Hospital has every kind of medical facility under one roof. Whether it’s routine checkups or sophisticated diagnosis and treatment plans – the hospital boasts welcoming personnel and world-class infrastructure that make visits comfortable for all those who seek care here. The committed team of experts are passionate about patient experience and strive hard to ensure best results in each case.

If you or your loved ones need any kind of specialized medical assistance from general surgery to neurosurgery and psychiatry, then head over to Preetham Hospital! This facility is open daily from 8:00 am in the morning till 6:00 pm in the evening, so planning visit should be absolutely convenient for everyone looking for quality healthcare solutions here. Moreover, this multi-speciality clinic offers its services at highly competitive rates with no hidden charges involved whatsoever!

Reaching this great hospital located near Sri Gurunatha Theatre Thotapalyam Bapuji Nagar Thotapalyam Chittoor Andhra Pradesh 517001 India, should be very easy since it falls right on Outer Ring Road Chittoor district. So what are you waiting for? Visit Preetham Hospital without further delay if quality healthcare is what you seek!

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