Prestige Specialist Hospital 13 Umuechem Street Elechi Location Port Harcourt

Prestige Specialist Hospital

Prestige Specialist Hospital: All Your Medical Needs Met Here

Are you looking for a hospital clinic that produces fast and efficient medical services? Are you in search of professional doctors to administer the best possible health care? Look no further than Prestige Specialist Hospital. Located on 13 Umuechem Street Elechi, Port Harcourt safeguarding your optimum health is our top priority.

At Prestige Specialist Hospital, we boast a team of experts serving to treat any medical need you might have from minor injuries and illnesses to preventative health care such as physicals and immunizations. We provide personalized high quality care for every person, family and community that we serve. Our specialties include but are not limited too: cardiology, diagnostics services, physiotherapy, emergency medicine and general surgery. In addition to our comprehensive range of medical services that rival what many clinics offer, we make sure that the environment at Prestige Specialist Hospital remains stress-free and hassle-free by always practicing good customer service.  

Don’t let your hectic schedule stand between you getting the medical attention when necessary; Prestige Specialist Hospital is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday 8a.m-5p.m. With ample parking space available at the premises, visiting us is easy breezy! No appointment is necessary however if you desire one please feel free to call ahead +234126532993 or +23412399180 before visiting us along with making an online booking via our website – Prestigespecialisthospitalportharcourt .com  

Our helpful staff are ever ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your visit with us or any particular medical treatment options existing with us so feel free to approach them without qualms! Opt for Prestige Specialist Hospital today; improve your life today in pursuit of better health tomorrow!

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