Princess Medical Centre The Si5 Nda Bros Street Nkpogu Location Port Harcourt

Princess Medical Centre

Princess Medical Centre is a Hospital Clinic situated in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The Medical Centre operates with a highly skilled team of professionals that specialize in offering medical services of the best quality. It always strives to achieving quality results and efficient management of its patient’s health problems.
Medical Services Offered by Princess Medical Centre
The Princess Medical Centre provides an extensive range of medical services including general practitioner consultations, family doctors, pediatricians, gynecologists, physiotherapists, and many other specialists. Furthermore, it offers diagnostic studies like radiography X-rays and ultrasound scans as well as therapeutic and surgical procedures carried out by experienced practitioners. Lastly, it also offers home health care services for those who cannot attend routine appointments due to mobility or medical circumstances.
On which Days is Princess Medical Centre Operational?
The Hospital Clinic is operational from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm while Saturday’s are dedicated for emergency cases only. Moreover, on occasions and during holiday hours the hospital extends its opening times according to its calendar.
How To Reach Princess Medical Centre?
Princess Medical Centre can be easily accessed through the Si5 Nda Bros street in Nkpogu location in Port Harcourt City which directs together with the signboard visible facing the main road driving towards it. The Clinic is open daily for attendance of patients during working hours; although visitors can send queries or book appointments when required through their website too or contact the hospital’s telephone number listed below on their website page provided online.

Princess Health Center has been providing quality medical services in Port Harcourt City area over several years now with great client satisfaction record assured through every visit they make receive making it an ideal place for healthcare needs and emergencies that life may throw your way!

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