Pro Optics Eye Clinic 230 Muri Okunola St Victoria Island Location Lagos

Pro Optics Eye Clinic

Pro Optics Eye Clinic: The Best in Quality Medical Services

You are looking for the best in quality healthcare services? Look no further than Pro Optics Eye Clinic. Established in December 2016, Pro Optics is a modern hospital clinic located at 230 Muri Okunola Street in Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria that strives to provide the highest level of comprehensive care for all its patients.

At Pro Optics, we offer excellent, specialized medical care with an unparalleled commitment to patient satisfaction and experience. Our staff consists of well-trained experienced professionals committed to providing premium medical intervention assistance and support during every appointment or visit to our hospital clinic. We treat a wide array of conditions ranging from ocular pathology, paediatrics optometry, contact lens services and vision therapy to refractive surgery advice.

Not only do we have the latest medical equipments around but at Pro Optics, we also take make use of technology so as to make sure that your needs are taken care of in the most efficient way possible. We are open on Mondays through Fridays 8am – 5pm as well as Saturdays 9am – 3pm so you can be sure that any time you need us we will be here ready to give you warm and professional service!

If you need our services don’t hesitate to reach out today! To get there simply click on this link (insert navigational link) which features our official address on Google maps with easy step by step instructions on how you can navigate you way through Multimidia Estate street Ajah or if more convenient simply call/whatsapp 07031040971 or email [email protected]

Pro Optics is dedicated to bring you cutting edge medical options while providing thoughtful care with smiles always. Let us help bring life back into focus—Book an appointment today!

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