Queen Of Angels Hospital Mike Eze Cres Trans Ekulu Location Enugu

Queen Of Angels Hospital

About Queen Of Angels Hospital

Queen Of Angels Hospital, situated in the commercial city of Enugu, is a modern healthcare provider, dedicated to providing superior care and facilities for the health of the local population. The hospital staff is highly qualified and experienced and provides high-quality medical services at reasonable prices. It has become known as a center of excellence in health care delivery, with its state-of-the-art technology and well-equipped medical professionals ready to attend any emergency situation.

Medical Services Offered by Queen Of Angels Hospital
The hospital offers a range of services including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, subsidiary diagnosis such as X ray and labs, gynecology and obstetric services; maternity wards with immunization units; neonatal intensive care units; dental clinic with infirmary; eye clinic; audiometry unit for hearing assessment; pharmacy department for dispensing drugs; dialysis centers for renal ailments; and pathology laboratories. The hospital also has a dietary service which provides nutritional advice & diet plans according to individual requirements.

On Which Days Is Queen Of Angels Hospital Open?
Queen Of Angels Hospital operates throughout the week from 8am till 5pm on Monday through Saturday (Sunday Closed).

How to Reach Queen Of Angels Hospital?
Queen Of Angels Hospital is easily accessible from any part of Enugu – within Mike Eze Cres Trans Ekulu Location Enugu -bus stops being just few minutes away from its premises. If you are coming by private transportation or cab, you can drive all the way to its main entrance gate where parking lot is available 24/7.

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