Queens Care Specialist Hospita Doctors Quaters Rd 360102 Ado Ekiti Nigeria

Queens Care Specialist Hospital

Queens Care Specialist Hospital is a renowned centre of excellence in medical care, located in the Doctors Quarters Rd 360102 Ado Ekiti Nigeria. Offering holistic and comprehensive medical care, the hospital has some of the best health facilities and highly qualified physicians providing excellent clinical services.

What Medical Services are Offered by Queen’s Care Specialist Hospital?
At Queen’s Care Specialist Hospital, it offers a range of medical services to patients. Some of these include emergency services, general medicine, urology, orthopedics, internal medicine (including cardiology), pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology (maternal-newborn care), neonatology (the detection & treatment of birth abnormalities or diseases in newborn babies), ophthalmology (vision correction for adults & children) psychiatry, dermatology and radiotherapy.

On Which Days is Queen’s Care Specialist Hospital Operational?
Queen’s Care Specialist Hospital operates 24/7 all through the year. The hospital provides not only regular consultation services but also round the clock emergency services on all 365 days! This indeed proves that Queens Care will always be here to provide medical help whenever you need it!

How to Reach Queen’s Care Specialist Hospital?
If you need detailed information about how to reach Queen’s Clinic easily, then here is all you need to know: It is conveniently situated at the Doctors Quarters Rd 360102 Ado Ekiti Nigeria and can be accessed easily by road from any point within Ado Ekiti and beyond. The hospital also has adequate parking facilityfor its visitors/patients. With various transportation links available nearby such as buses and taxis, reaching this great place of healing isn’t a challenge at all!

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