Radiance Specialist Hospital 5 Aderu Ajite St Alagbado Location Lagos

Radiance Specialist Hospital

Radiance Specialist Hospital: Quality Care for Patients

Radiance Specialist Hospital (RSH) is a top-notch medical facility located in the Alagbado grid of Lagos. It is well known for providing exceptional healthcare services at reasonable rates. With modern infrastructure, comprehensive treatments and eye-catching amenities, RSH has quickly become one of the finest hospitals in the city.

Why RSH?
At Radiance Specialist Hospital we strive to ensure patients feel comfortable throughout their visit. Our team comprises highly trained professionals with immense knowledge and years of experience delivering high-quality healthcare solutions to patients all over Lagos and beyond. We provide a variety of medical services ranging from basic check-up consultations through to complex surgeries – all under one roof. Moreover, our specialists use advanced techniques and equipment allowing us to treat an array of diseases and health conditions without having to refer you elsewhere.

Operational Days at RSH
Our hospital offers convenient service hours during weekdays as well as on weekends so that we can accommodate busy schedules better. Every Tuesday we are open from 8 am – 5 pm; Wednesdays & Thursdays – 9 am – 7 pm; Friday & Saturdays – 9 am – 6 pm; Sundays : 9 am -3 pm( if requested).

How To Reach Radiance Specialist Hospital ?
Radiance Specialist Hospital is conveniently located on Aderu Ajite St, Alagbado Grid Lagos. If you’re coming by road, it’s easily accessible using bus stops closeby, it should take you 5 minutes walking distance away .You can also hail a taxi or book private transport . In addition, our customer service staff are available to help out with any transportation query upon appointment scheduling!

RSH Strives For Excellence
At Radiance Specialist Hospital (RSH), we firmly believe in giving our patients quality care before quantity care. With state-of-the art technology available at your disposal our commitment towards excellence continues to grow as we strive every day seeking to exceed expectations in patient care . We look forward to serve you soon!

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