Railway Hospital Shokhara Barauni Bihar 851116 India

Railway Hospital Barauni Bihar

Railway Hospital Shokhara Barauni Bihar 851116 India – A Perfect Choice for Medical Treatment
When it comes to medical care, we all want the best. The quality of healthcare should be our priority and there’s no better place to experience this than the Railway Hospital Shokhara Barauni Bihar 851116 India. It is a Government hospital run by the Indian Railways and boasts of a wide array of facilities and services for patients.

Established in 1903, the Railway Hospital has been delivering exceptional levels of treatment throughout its history. This hospitable staff provides everyone with top-notch medical services on its premises at highly competitive rates.

Medical Services Offered By Railway Hospital
TheRailwayHospitalShokharaBarauniBihar offers both inpatient and outpatient services to all kinds of patients. It is well equipped with emergency wards, labor room, intensive care units, specialized clinics, laboratories and imaging techniques such as ultrasound machines, MRI scans etc. It also features an Operation Theatre for surgical interventions as required like orthopedic surgery or cardiology surgeries. Aside from these primary services they even have blood banks and a pharmacy on its premises that cater to your prescription needs.

On Which Days Is Railway Hospital Open?
TheRailwayHospitalShokharaBarauniBihar remains open every day from 8 am to 8 pm except on public holidays when it operates with limited hours between 9am-4pm only so prior planning before visiting is advisable here!

How Can You Reach Railway Hospital?
For those looking for directions that lead toRailwayHospitalShokharaBarauniBiharits simple just follow NH 52 until you get to Bamrauli Airport Road then take an immediate right as instructed via signage board you will find yourself exactly at the destination! In addition there are local bus stations which provide regular routes that lead upto the doorstep of the hospital allowing that added convenience midst travelers

So if you’re looking for quality medical service chooseRailwayHospitalShokharaBarauniBiharas your go-to healthcare center today! And rest assured with their experienced team doing everything they can through chief state-of-the-art infrastructure while focusing on overall patient satisfaction giving this hospital its optimal reputation rate making it one among many befitting solutions for any kind of medical requirement we might require today!

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