Rajapukhuri Hospital Charaideo 785691 Assam India

Rajapukhuri Hospital Assam

Welcome to the Rajapukhuri Hospital Charaideo 785691 Assam India, where medical services are offered with compassion and care. We are one of the top hospitals in the region, providing world-class healthcare and treatment. Our experienced team of doctors and nurses always goes the extra mile to ensure each patient is given personalized care and attention.

What Medical Services Are Offered By Hopsital Clinic?
At Rajapukhuri Hospital Charaideo 785691 Assam India, we offer a comprehensive range of medical services ranging from general health check-ups to major surgeries. Our skilled medical practitioners provide specialized care for various diseases and disorders including diabetes, heart problems, autoimmune diseases, allergies, mental health problems, cancer treatments, orthopedic treatments as well as general health examinations.

On Which Days is Hospital Clinic Operational?
Rajapukhuri Hospital Charaideo 785691 Assam India is operational from Monday to Saturday between 9 AM to 6 PM. We also offer emergency services on Sundays if required. All our medical practitioners have a valid license from the concern government bodies of India following all the laws applicable in this region so as to provide superior quality healthcare services.

How To Reach Hospital Clinic?
Rajapukhuri Hospital Charaideo 785691 Assam India is located at Doliwood Road NH14 Simaluguri Biscuit Factory Road near Kanaganagar POOLEE Weda Silchar 788009 Assam It takes approximately 8 minutes by car or you can take advantage of public transport like bus or taxi which takes 10 minutes depending upon traffic conditions. The nearest international airport Kumbolkhi Airport is situated at a distance 23 km away from the clinic where both national and international flights are available at regular intervals throughout the day for any urgent need in case you need to travel outstation or come across sea route we do have both national land ports & sea ports that are just 45 minutes away from this beautiful township(Bishhipur).

We’ve designed all our facilities keeping convenience in mind and thus provide ample parking space for those using their vehicles without worrying about finding an empty slot during peak times along with easy accessibility through lifts/ staircases. Our friendly staff will help assist you with anything that you might require when coming into contact with us here at Rajapukhuri Hospital Charaideo 785691 Assam India. With all these facilities at your disposal be sure it won’t be hard to reach our premises quickly in no time!

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