Rangia Poly Clinic Rangia Rangia Tamulpur Rd Gandhibari Rangia Assam 781354 India India

Rangia Poly Clinic Assam

If you’re looking for medical services near Rangia in Assam, India, then consider Rangia Poly Clinic. With competent professionals available from Monday to Saturday from 9 am-10 pm, this hospital clinic provides a range of medical services that can help with any problem you have. They offer outpatient and inpatient care, as well as medication management and emergency assistance.

At Rangia Poly Clinic, they take pride in being able to provide prompt and efficient responses to their patients. From the moment you step into the hospital clinic foyer to when you leave after treatment, your experience is sure to be one of kindness. The professional staff are friendly, helpful, and speak English fluently – meaning non-native English-speaking patients can rest easy knowing their concerns are understandable by the healthcare workers at hand.

Needing medical care is never convenient or fun but at Rangia Poly Clinic it will be as hassle-free as possible. So how does one reach the hospital clinic? The address is Rangia Tamulpur Rd Gandhibari Rangia Assam 781354 India India. Located between highway NH31B and railway station 3703m/s., it’s easily accessible using public transport or by car if needing separate parking arrangements are needed for elderly or disabled visitors.. In such cases please phone ahead for further information about such arrangements prior to your visit

When visiting Rangia Poly Clinic make sure you bring along your ID (for age verification) and any relevant paperwork related to your query or condition – this way the nurses will be best placed to diagnose your case accurately and efficiently upon arrival at the hospital clinic. Once there you will receive a full examination from a consultant doctor who can decide on which treatment(s) are required depending on severity of illness/injury etc.. Then simply follow the instructions provided while ensuring all legal requirements have been met before leaving with your healthy smile!

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