Rbts Government Homeopathy College Hospital Muzaffarpur Bihar Muzaffarpur 842001

Rbts Government Homeopathy College Hospital Muzaffarpur Bihar

RBTS Government Homeopathy College Hospital Muzaffarpur Bihar: A Complete Medical Facility

Are you looking for a medical facility that caters to all your healthcare needs and provides quality services? Look no further than the RBTS Government Homeopathy College Hospital in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. This hospital clinic is located close by and offers a full range of medical services that are conducted in a hygienic, efficient manner.

What Services Does RBTS Muzaffarpur Offer?
RBTS Muzaffarpur is a government-run institute with staff members from the best colleges all over the country. The hospital specializes in providing homeopathic treatments for various illnesses. The team of doctors here are highly experienced and deliver quality preventive healthcare to patients who visit this hospital clinic. One can walk in at any time during the day and get consultations for common ailments like cough, cold, fever etc., or even complex chronic illness diagnosis and simple surgeries too. Apart from these services, RBTS also undertakes lab tests like blood test, urine test etc., along with basic chest X-Rays when necessary. Additionally, if needed extra facilities such as physiotherapy are also available on request at an additional charge.

When Is The Clinic Open?
The RBTS Government Homeopathy College Hospital remains operational from Monday to Saturday each week between 8 am to 4 pm with lunch timings being 12 noon – 1 pm and Sunday closed off for working hours altogether. Patients can seek medical support/advice 7 days prior to their appointment day for better management of their health needs too via phone consultations as well.

How Can I Reach The Clinic?

Located at Meyersganj Road Number 8N Muzaffarpur 842001, National Highway 19 is nearby allowing for easy access while using every mode of transport including buses & autos. Thus making it easy for anyone to reach the hospital clinic without much hassle or difficulty!

To sum it up, alongside providing top-notch treatments; RBTS Government Homeopathy College Hospital makes sure that everybody has access to essential healthcare; therefore they offer convenient timing hours & transport accessibility so that no one has difficulty in accessing this medical facility!

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