Regions Hospital Enugu 7 Onitsha Cres Independence Layout Location Enugu

Regions Hospital Independence Layout Enugu

Regions Hospital Enugu is a medical facility located in 7 Onitsha Crescent, Independence Layout, Enugu Nigeria. It provides excellent care and medical services to patients in the area. With a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals, Regions Hospital Enugu is well-positioned to provide the best care possible.

At Regions Hospital Enugu, you can get general medical check-ups as well as treatment for diseases or injuries such as fractures, cuts or bruises. In addition, they offer laboratory services for basic laboratory tests such as complete blood counts (CBC), urinalysis, STD testing and more.

As for operational days, Regions Hospital Enugu is open all day from Monday – Saturday from 8am – 11pm. The hospital accepts walk-ins during these times but it is important to note that appointments made ahead of time through their website are priority visitors.

Reaching Regions Hospital Enugu could not be simpler; take the Obilo Road off the Expressway near the Enugusco roundabout which will lead you directly to 7 Onitsha Cres Independence Layout Location where the hospital resides.

Here at Regions Hospital Enugu we believe that every patient deserves personalized health services and this is why our staff take extra steps to ensure each individual receives quality healthcare from our specialists without compromising affordability. Whenever you’re in need of medical attention or want a general checkup don’t forget that we are here to help!

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