Right Time Medical Equipment A Opposite St Raphael Catholic Hospital Ikorodu 104101 Location Lagos

Right Time Medical Equipment Ikorodu Lagos

Right Time Medical Equipment: Get the Services and Care You Need in Lagos

When you’re ill or looking for medical services in Lagos, Right Time Medical Equipment is there to help. Located opposite St Raphael Catholic Hospital Ikorodu 104101 Lagos State, this hospital clinic provides top-notch care and services to keep you healthy.

What Can Right Time Medical Equipment Offer?
At Right Time Medical Equipment, there are numerous medical services available. From primary care to surgery, you can get the treatment you need for any health issue. Whether it’s a regular checkup, a specific symptom you’ve been dealing with, or a necessary procedure due to a health issue, Right Time Medical Equipment has all your needs covered.

When Is Right Time Medical Equipment Open?
This hospital clinic is open six days of the week from 8am to 8 pm. On Sundays they offer limited hours from 1pm – 4pm only. So no matter what type of service you want from this hospital clinic chances are that at least one day of the week their services will be available.

How Can You Reach Right Medical EMAT?
For anyone wanting to access the services provided at Right Time Medical Clinic , getting to them should not be an issue. The clinic is located opposite St Raphael Catholic Hospital Ikorodu 104101 Lagos State Nigeria . By bus or car navigating around this area will be easy once you leave your house/hotel as soon as possible since traffic can become high during peak hours .

Are You Looking for Quality Care in Lagos?
Whether it’s time for your yearly routine checkup or you simply need medical attention for yourself or your loved ones , head over to Right Time Medical Equipment and find out why so many people choose them for their medical needs . With friendly staff on hand willing help at all times , individualized care options and quality service use , this hospital clinic is sure to give you peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your health needs!

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