Ropheka Hospital 14A Olalekan St Akowonjo Location Lagos

Ropheka Hospital Akowonjo Lagos

Welcome to Ropheka Hospital 14A Olalekan St. Akowonjo, Lagos! One of the best known and trusted health clinics in the area, Ropheka offers top of the line medical services to serve every patient’s needs. We understand that taking care of your health should be a priority for you, and we stand ready to provide all our services with the highest standard of care.

About Ropheka Medical Services
At Ropheka Clinic, our wide range of medical services covers everything from general practitioner consultations and dental treatment to IVF counseling and pediatric dentistry for children. We also specialize in more complicated medical treatments like endoscopies, echocardiography, cytology tests, nerve conduction studies an more for those needing extended help when making a full recovery. All this is combined with supportive and innovative case management that ensures all patient have access to the highest level of treatment from qualified doctors.

When Is Ropheka Hospital Open?
Ropheka is open throughout the weekdays starting from 9 am until 6 pm. However over weekends, our timing changes as we are only open on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm reflecting a slight change in hours compared to regular working days. Additionally, patients can opt to avail emergency treatment at any time by calling our helpline number or visiting us directly at the clinic’s site whenever necessary .

How Can You Reach Ropheka?
Located strategically at 14A Olalekan St., Akowonjo in Lagos; one can easily come across us when searching through Google maps or any other auto-location service that you may access on your mobile device or PC. To ensure convenience in reaching us; we also have easy parking space near our facility for visitors who intend on driving down so they don’t face any hassles while trying it out. Once here; you can always find someone in charge at the reception desk ready to assist you in whatever way possible within their limits so please do check-in with them first before anything else!

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