Rouz Hospital And Maternity Mobolaji Johnson Road Gudu 900110 Location Abuja

Rouz Hospital Gudu Abuja

Rouz Hospital And Maternity -A state-of-the-art hospital and maternity center

When you’re searching for the best medicine and health care services, look no further than Rouz Hospital and Maternity (RH&M). Located in Abuja, this hospital provides world-class medical care given by highly trained doctors and staff members. RH&M has an onsite maternity center, lab testing equipment, advanced medical technology, and a patient friendly, supportive atmosphere that can provide the highest level of care to patients of any age.

Besides offering comprehensive health care across a wide range of services, RH&M also specializes in various medical fields such as gynecology, general surgery, cardiology and obstetrics. Its mission is to ensure each patient receives optimal quality treatment with safety comfort and privacy uncompromised. The hospital also offers a variety of other specialized services such as nutrition counseling for those living with chronic diseases or facing weight management challenges; physical therapy; holistic medicine; labor & delivery suites; sleep studies; orthopedics & rehabilitative care; and a wide selection of imaging tests to diagnose injuries or illnesses.

At RH&M you can feel safe knowing that all procedures are performed onsite using the latest equipment according to the most updated methods available in the medical field today. From diagnosis to treatments each visit is carefully tailored to provide the patient with individualized service that meets their unique needs.

RH&M is open 24 hours per day 7 days per week allowing access for patients at any time they may need assistance outside traditional office hours. This same commitment continues with providing routine checkups even after discharge so you can monitor progress from home without feeling rushed in the waiting room queue. With direct access to trained professionals online or through email & telephone you will never feel alone throughout your recovery period posttreatment either at home or while travelling abroad! Services are provided efficiently so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment!

To reach Rouz Hospital And Maternity Mobolaji Johnson Road Gudu 900110 Location Abuja use Google Maps or Waze navigation app for directions which leads straight to our doorstep orfor public transportation users head over to Bus stations nearest Umar Bin Zubair Square located within a 3km-radius around RH&M where regular buses run at designated intervals during peak hours making travelling hassle free!

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