S S C Hospital Kanhwa Bihar 45700 India

S S C Hospital Kanhwa Bihar

S S C Hospital Kanhwa: Medical Services In Bihar

When you are in need of medical care, you can trust the highly experienced medical professionals at S S C Hospital Kanhwa. Located in Bihar 45700, India, this hospital offers advanced medical services and treatments to help patients get back on their feet quickly. From primary care to critical specialty services, it has the necessary expertise and resources.

Hours Of Operation At S S C Hospital Kanhwa
The hospital is open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday. The timings are 8am – 5pm, although emergency services are available 24/7 in case of emergencies or urgent health-related issues. This round-the-clock availability makes sure that urgent health needs are taken care of without any delay.

What Kind Of Medical Services Does S S C Hospital Kanhwa Provide?

The hospital offers world-class healthcare services for both adults and children alike with special attention being given to preventative medicine. It also provides a range of diagnostic tests including blood work, imaging scans such as MRI/CT scans, ultrasounds, heart tests like ECGs and Echo cardiograms, endoscopy examinations and more On top of these basic diagnostic procedures, specialist doctors in departments like neurology (for stroke), cancer (solid tumors) treatment provide advanced diagnosis and therapies Moreover gene therapy services are available for rare genetic conditions Special ward setups enable these specialists in executing complex treatments too Allergy testing and vaccinations against infectious diseases including seasonal flu jabs are also carried out here

Reaching S S C Hospital Kanhwa

You can easily find the location of this hospital using Google Maps or by typing “S SC Hospital Kanhwa” into your favorite search engine The full address is – SS C Hospital Kanhwa Bihar 45700 India Free parking is available at the premises which is ideal for people seeking consultation or appointment with doctors there Buses from surrounding towns regularly ply the vicinity making it accessible even from far flung areas Taxis and cabs can be hired easily too The best part – you don’t have to worry about any language barriers as most visitors converse fluently in English while some even understand Hindi though not completely conversant However interpreters will assist if required too Thus visiting this hospital for any reason is quite an effortless exercise!

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