Saaol Heart Center Guwahati 19 Harabala Path Ulubari Guwahati Assam 781007 India India

Saaol Heart Center Guwahati Assam

About Saaol Heart Center Guwahati

Saaol Heart Center Guwahati is one of the best-known centers in India for heart and cardiovascular diseases. It has been providing quality health care for over 20 years now and stands out among others in the area with its team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technologies used for diagnosis and treatment.

The hospital clinic offers a comprehensive range of heart-related services including cardiac catheterization, balloon valvuloplasty, open-heart surgery, pacemaker implantation, stent insertion, and various other preventive cardiac evaluations like ECG screenings. The experts at Saaol Heart Center Guwahati have developed specialist protocols to minimize risk factors and promptly diagnose any potentially risky conditions. Regular lectures on lifestyle modifications are also regularly conducted by qualified faculty members to promote healthy living practices among patients.

Saaol Heart Center Guwahati is operational all 7 days of the week from 8 am to 10 pm. It offers convenient payment options so that people can easily avail treatments without being worried about financial constraints. The clinic also serves as an emergency service station throughout the week so any medical emergency can be responded to immediately at this facility.

For patients who wish to visit Saaol Heart Center Guwahati, it is located at 19 Harabala Path Ulubari in Guwahati Assam 781007 India. The center is well connected through public transport as well as conveniently accessible by private vehicles using your favorite navigation app.

At Saaol Heart Center Guwahati you’ll find state-of-the-art technology coupled with experienced doctors and kind staff making it easier than ever for you to get treatment for any sort of heart ailment or illness you might have contracted regardless of how severe it may be!

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