Sadar Hospital Nh 104 Kvj Nagar Sitamarhi Bihar 843302 India

Sadar Hospital Sitamarhi

Sadar Hospital NH 104 Kvj Nagar Sitamarhi is a well-equipped hospital clinic offering a host of medical treatments and services. It provides top-notch diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

The hospital offers a wide range of specialized services including inpatient and outpatient treatments, accident & emergency services for critically ill patients, diabetes & metabolic disorder management, organ transplantation and other critical surgeries. Additionally, the doctors at Sadar Hospital are highly experienced in providing quality healthcare for adults as well as children.

The hospital is open 24×7 and operated round-the-clock by highly qualified personnel. The medical staff provides 24-hour attention and is available for consultation whenever needed. Patients can easily contact them through phone or visit the hospital during regular hours to book appointments or get assistance from the expert medical team.

It is located at NH 104, KVJ Nagar Sitamarhi – 843302 India and can be reached conveniently by road or rail transport from any part of the city/state/country. One can also take a cab from any part of the town/city to reach it conveniently without any hassle.

Sadar Hospital has all necessary facilities such as an extensive operation theatre complex on site which includes two labour Room ICU suites with advanced monitoring systems in place. This state-of-the-art equipment helps provide safe surgeries with utmost precision even during complicated procedures like brain surgery to heart transplants etc. Furthermore, they have an impressive collection of latest diagnostic equipment such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine, computed tomography scan devices (CT scans), X ray machines etc which helps detect diseases with accuracy quickly for better medication decisions by the doctors.

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